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Hayre, RW Collection_MS001RH015_verso_002.jpg
A flyer advertising the Douglas Building & Loan Association for potential new investors. The contents of the flyer detail the benefits new members have, such as money borrowing and house purchasing, courtesy of the company.

Hayre, RW Collection_MS001RH015_recto_003.jpg
The front page of a flyer for the Douglass Building and Loan Association advertising the start of a new series on June 2, 1920 and meetings on the first Wednesday of each month. Building and Loan Associations are depository financial institutions…

Hayre, RW Collection_MS001RH011_verso_002.jpg
Side two of an invitation from SJM Brock Building and Loan Association to invest in shares. This document lists the names of the president of the bank in 1920, Arthur J. King, the vice president, Alonzo Taylor, the secretary, James A. Creditt, the…

Hayre, RW Collection_MS001RH011_recto_001.jpg
Side one of an invitation from the SJM Brock Building and Loan Association to invest in shares for an entrance fee of twenty-five cents per share and monthly payments of one-dollar per share. The invitation provides information on borrowing from your…
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