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Poster of Industrial Workers of the World Leader Ben Fletcher who was from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The port Philadelphia. Loading ships Lib Co.jpg
Port of Philadelphia; dockworkers; stevedores; shipyard

tobacco factory.jpg
In this picture, an African-American woman strips the center stems from tobacco. In some factories, employers paid women by "piecework" whereas others would pay by punch cards. Each pan of tobacco was one punch, generally worth about twenty-five…

W.L. Bright serving patrons aboard the Pennsylvania Railroad, 1944.

An African-American railroad worker handles freight at the Pennsylvania Railroad Yards in 1938.

The first unit of female railroad workers near Downingtown, PA.

Machine Shop Workers in Philadelphia circa 1938.

A selection of blues and hollers from the Library of Congress

laundry workers.jpg
An account of work in the laundry industry during the Great Depression. The interviewee did not work in the same laundry that Charles Vance worked in during the Depression. This interview elaborates on the harsh working conditions of the laundry…

Hayre, RW Collection_MS011RH007_001.jpg
A poster advertising the upcoming showing of Nannie H. Burroughs' pageant that showcases the abilities of black women as potential workers outside of the home.
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