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A passenger list from the ship, Albert Ballin, deaprting Hamburg, Germany on March 4, 1927 and arriving in New York City, New York April 4th, 1927. This was the ship Charles Vance sailed on.

Negro Colonies Lost.pdf
A newspaper account of the situation faced by blacks in Germany, focusing on the city of Leipzig. This provides further context to Charles Vance's interview where he relates what he dealt with while stranded in Hamburg, Germany.

Philadelphia Tribune Nurse to Work Among Race.pdf
Miss Jane C. Turner, R.N., was appointed by the Philadelphia Health Council to organize a Negro Health Club. The purpose of this club was to promote the health of the African-American community through educational activities and assisting the…

Hayre, RW Collection_MS011RH019_001.jpg
This flyer refers to a meeting that took place on November 18, 1927 at Thermoplyae Baptist Church regarding the imprisonment of Jake Walker at the Eastern Penitentiary. The NAACP held the meeting, with attorney Herbert E. Millen, Mrs. Anna P. Gayle,…
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