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Photo of William Vare, member of the Philadelphia Republican Vare Machine. Along with his brothers, George and Edwin, the Vare's controlled a large portion of South Philadelphia.

Campaign poster of Al Smith for the 1928 Presidential election.

City committee outs William Vare, ending his long time republican dominance of Philadelphia, and appointing a former ally, Edwin R. Cox, to replace him.

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A poster announcing the upcoming rally at the Citizens' Republican Club

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An ad which lists reasons why African Americans to vote Democratic instead of Republican. Lists positive aspects and reasons why African Americans should vote Democratic, as well as negative reasons why African Americans should not vote Republican.

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A political advertisement in order to convince African Americans to vote Republican. Asks African Americans to compare principles and practices of the Republican and Democratic Parties in order to help determine which party to support. Lists reasons…

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A flyer for Good Neighbor League, Inc., advertising a political event held at the Roi Davis Auditorium in Toledo, Ohio on October 14, 1936 at 8:15 PM. The guest speakers presented in the flyer are Joel E. Springarn, who spoke on the subject, "As a…
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