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Joseph S. Clark served as Mayor of Philadelphia from 1952 to 1956 and as United States Senator from Pennsylvania from 1957 to 1969. He was a part of the Democratic Party, and had a major impact of desegregating City Hall in the 1950s, hiring…

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Tindley Temple United Methodist Church honors Ralph Jones for his dedication to service and the community, serving as Superintended to the Sunday School for thirty two years.

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Twelve African-American practice teachers pose outside. Howard University in Washington D.C. , is a historically Black university founded in 1867

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1940 Census sheet showing Ralph, his wife, and in-laws shared a home.

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Newspaper Article from the Philadelphia Tribune which discusses Ralph Jones's keynote address at the 85th anniversary service for St. Simon's Church. Jones spoke on the theme "This Time is Mine".

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Short article in the Philadelphia Tribune regarding Ralph Jones's gold medal in Central High School's oratorical contest. He was awarded the medal at the schools graduation ceremony although he was not a member of the graduating class. The article…

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Still photograph of Ralph Jones. Jones was college educated at Howard University and went on to become a journalist with both the Independent and the Tribune.
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