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This is an advertisement for the real estate brokerage business that was part of the Citizens and Southern Banking and Trust Company founded by R.R. Wright Jr. It lists homes for sale and places up for rent through the company.

This is a newspaper clipping about how Citizens and Southern Bank and Trust Company has helped businesses in Philadelphia. The article rallies for a collective effort in helping businesses succeed and urges readers to open accounts with the bank.

The Citizens' and Southern Banking Company offers "Security! Service! Conservatism! Courtesy!" and is "the backbone of a great institution." This large advertisement for the bank tells the story of R.R. Wright Jr.'s migration North to Philadelphia…

This is an advertisement from the Colored Protective Association, of which R.R. Wright Jr. was president, calling for photographs of "Philadelphia's Colored Heroes," those who died in France or were injured.

On the Monday and Tuesday prior to Saturday May 2, 1914, the date of publication of this article, The Negro Protective League of Pennsylvania met in Philadelphia. Among the speakers at the engagement was RR Wright Jr. The article discusses Senator…

Cit amd Southern CH Ruth Hayre .jpg
A photo of officers from Citizens' and Southern Bank and Trust Company, created and led by R.R. Wright, Jr. Wright moved to Philadelphia in 1921 and opened Citizens and Southern in September of 1920 at 1849 South Street, Philadelphia, Pa. By 1922,…

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A photograph of Bishop R.R. Wright, Jr. an African American reverend, as well as a banking entrepreneur, an educator, a college president, a politician, and a civil rights advocate.

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A flyer for Good Neighbor League, Inc., advertising a political event held at the Roi Davis Auditorium in Toledo, Ohio on October 14, 1936 at 8:15 PM. The guest speakers presented in the flyer are Joel E. Springarn, who spoke on the subject, "As a…
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