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Newspaper article discussing how the Y.W.C.A. is attempting to find suitable rooms for new young women who have just arrived

Negro Migrant Article.JPG
This newspaper article talks about poor conditions in the south and how the influx of southern African American migrants to the north impacted cities like Philadelphia. It also discusses ways for improving urban conditions in the north to better…

Migration Article.jpg
Newspaper article from the Philadelphia Tribune. The article cites population statistics that indicate African- American population had decreased in Philadelphia in the period of 1880-1920. In the period from 1910-1920, the greatest increases,…

Should Negroes Come North 1918.tif
Informational writing by the Mother Bethel Church outlining the advantages for African Americans to move north. Discusses job, salary and housing issues as well as expresses the support of the Church for this continuing migration.
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