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A photo of Hog Island Shipyard in Philadelphia c 1919. Pictured are the docks and ships, as well as many of the individuals who worked on the shipyard. At the time, Hog Island Shipyard was the largest shipyard in the world, built by the American…

The U.S. government established shipyards at Hog Island during WWI. Hog Island employed many Black Philadelphians during the war years.

A photo of black crew members working at Hog Island.

Hog Island Seg.jpg
This Philadelphia Tribune article, written by C. E. Wells, documents the end to segregation at the Hog Island Ship-Yard. The article discusses the long time struggle of the Philadelphia N.A.A.C.P. to end segregation at the government run shipbuilding…

Hog Island Sign 19187012 Nat Archives.jpg
This photograph contains a sign which advertises for 8000 laborers to perform government work at the Hog Island Ship-Yard. The sign offers potential laborers $3.85 for a 10 hour day. The sign advertises for boarding and lodging at a cost of $1.00…
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