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Hayre, RW Collection_MS001RH015_recto_003.jpg
The front page of a flyer for the Douglass Building and Loan Association advertising the start of a new series on June 2, 1920 and meetings on the first Wednesday of each month. Building and Loan Associations are depository financial institutions…

Ernest Daddy Wright.pdf
The article recounts how a speeding car hit Ernest "Daddy" Wright's car at 4 in the morning, detailing injuries. Officials filed no criminal charges due to the perpetrator's intent to pay for medical attention of those injured.

Dual List Article.jpg
A short article from The Philadelphia Tribune which discusses a proposal to merge the dual lists of both African-American and white teachers. The dual lists excluded many African-Americans from the field of education.

Negro Church Manning SC.jpg
This photograph depicts an African American church situated in corn fields in Manning, South Carolina.

Alligator bait 3.jpg
Novelty postcard of three African American toddlers sitting on a log across a river from an alligator

The Philadelphia Tribune's photo supplement featuresCitizens' & Southern Banking Company, claiming it as the most "Progressive Financial Institution" and the "Finest Bank Building of the Race in the North." The pictorial features the president of…

Dr James H. Dunham.pdf
This is a photo of Dr. James H. Dunham who was the Dean of the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Temple University in the 1930's.

A. L. Manly cartoon.png
A cartoon depicting a mob burning Alex Manly'sDaily Record office building in Wilmington, North Carolina

Grays Ferry.png
Intersection of Grays Ferry Avenue, 28th and Federal Streets.

Postcard photo of a Horn & Hardart automat depicting how the automat works.

Ridge Ave 1.jpg
Commercial district in Philadelphia, looking southeast along northeast side of Ridge Ave.

market street.jpg
A photograph of Market Street in Philadelphia, PA, looking from 11th Street.

Martin Obit Clip.JPG
The obituary from the Philadelphia Tribune documents the major accomplishments of Mr. Isadore Martin. Mr. Martin founded Isadore Martin Inc., Realtor, which was a predominately African American realtor, and was carried on by his son, I. Maximilian…

Metropolitan Jim Crow Plan Hits Philadelphia.pdf
African-Americans policy holders with the Metropolitan Insurance Company were outraged when they were informed that a separate, "Negroes only," office would be set up for policy holders of color. This plan stated that African-American policy holders…

This is a newspaper clipping about how Citizens and Southern Bank and Trust Company has helped businesses in Philadelphia. The article rallies for a collective effort in helping businesses succeed and urges readers to open accounts with the bank.

Pershing Souther Soldiers.jpeg
This newpaper articles discusses General John J. Pershing's defense of African American soldiers' service during WWI. General Pershing opines under similar circumstances in battle, decisions and actions of soldiers are the same regardless of their…

Philadelphia Tribune Nurse to Work Among Race.pdf
Miss Jane C. Turner, R.N., was appointed by the Philadelphia Health Council to organize a Negro Health Club. The purpose of this club was to promote the health of the African-American community through educational activities and assisting the…

An article from Opportunity Magazine written by Alex Manly. He describes the prejudice hiring practices by Philadelphia industries, pointing out that there are very few African Americans employeed as machinists, specifically.

This is an advertisement from the Colored Protective Association, of which R.R. Wright Jr. was president, calling for photographs of "Philadelphia's Colored Heroes," those who died in France or were injured.

Lukens Workers 1939.jpg
An image of five black Lukens Steel Mill workers taken in Coatesville, Pennsylvania during the late 1930s. Pompey Robinson was the trimmer and William Taylor, Samuel Allen, James Pearson and John Lewis were side-hands. This image depicts the clothing…
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