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Used by permission of the Philadelphia Tribune Company, Inc.  All rights reserved. The Philadelphia Tribune, with 130 years of continuous publication, is the oldest newspaper in the United States serving the African-American community.

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The Power of Vision
Newspaper graphic representing the need for vision in African American business. Represents Philadelphia as the "city of opportunity" with significant achievements of the African American community radiating out of the center.

Berean Building and Loan Association Membership Advertisement
This short newspaper advertisement from the Philadelphia Tribune invites potential customers to attend a meeting of the Berean Building and Loan Association. The text encourages members to deposit their funds with a building and loan association over…

Advertisement for Enrollment in Berean Manual Training & Industrial School
This advertisement encouraged Philadelphians to enroll in the Berean Manual Training & Industrial School on South College Avenue and North 19th Street. The advertisement includes the location of the school, the date for the meeting, the programs…

"Martin, Ex-NAACP Head, Dies," Philadelphia Tribune, November 23, 1954.
The obituary from the Philadelphia Tribune documents the major accomplishments of Mr. Isadore Martin. Mr. Martin founded Isadore Martin Inc., Realtor, which was a predominately African American realtor, and was carried on by his son, I. Maximilian…

Segregation at Hog Island Dead
This Philadelphia Tribune article, written by C. E. Wells, documents the end to segregation at the Hog Island Ship-Yard. The article discusses the long time struggle of the Philadelphia N.A.A.C.P. to end segregation at the government run shipbuilding…

Arthur Dingle, President of the 100 block North Sickels St. Clean Block Club
This photograph depicts Arthur Dingle, president of the 100 block of North Sickels Street Clean Block Club presenting payment for his lifetime membership to Mr. William A. Young, Jr., Chairman of the NAACP Life Membership Committee.

Don't Like Service You Can Stay Out Women Are Told
This newspaper article describes two separate cases in which Horn and Hardart's restaurant denied African American women service at their Philadelphia location. The general manager, Mr. Kane, placed the blame on the waitresses citing that their…

"Pershing on the Colored Soldier
This newpaper articles discusses General John J. Pershing's defense of African American soldiers' service during WWI. General Pershing opines under similar circumstances in battle, decisions and actions of soldiers are the same regardless of their…

Sun Shipyard Launches Second Vessel Built by All Colored Labor
This newspaper article discusses the launch of the S.S. Marine Raven, the second vessel built by an all African American crew, at Sun Shipyard in Chester, Pennsylvania. This ship was built 30 days after the launch of the S.S. Marine Eagle, the first…

Old Historic First African Baptist Church
The article explains the reception held for Dr. Wm. A. Harrod after serving as pastor for a year. The article states that the Pastor has done a fa nominal job with his sermons and sets the standards for those at the First African Baptist Church.

First African Baptist Church Gives $25.00 To N.A A.C.P.
The article describes the N.A.A.C.P.'s efforts to recruit support for its causes and receive donations for the First African Baptist Church as well as other citizens and families of Philadelphia.

The Royal Theatre
The article advertises upcoming performances at the Royal Theater, including Floodgates, The Guilty One, The Plundererand Broadway After Dark.

'Daddy' Wright Starts Civil Action
The article recounts how a speeding car hit Ernest "Daddy" Wright's car at 4 in the morning, detailing injuries. Officials filed no criminal charges due to the perpetrator's intent to pay for medical attention of those injured.

Isadore M. Martin
This photograph, which ran in the Philadelphia Tribune, of West Philadelphia N.A.A.C.P. shows President Preston Savage's acceptance of a $500 Life Membership check from Isadore Martin. Martin was formally the Philadelphia N.A.A.C.P. President, and…

"Metropolitan Jim Crow Plan Hits Philadelphia"
African-Americans policy holders with the Metropolitan Insurance Company were outraged when they were informed that a separate, "Negroes only," office would be set up for policy holders of color. This plan stated that African-American policy holders…

"The Negro Protective League of Pennsylvania in Two Large Meetings"
On the Monday and Tuesday prior to Saturday May 2, 1914, the date of publication of this article, The Negro Protective League of Pennsylvania met in Philadelphia. Among the speakers at the engagement was RR Wright Jr. The article discusses Senator…

"Philadelphia Health Council Appoints Nurse to Work Among Race"
Miss Jane C. Turner, R.N., was appointed by the Philadelphia Health Council to organize a Negro Health Club. The purpose of this club was to promote the health of the African-American community through educational activities and assisting the…

"Tuskegee Conference"
This is an article summarizing the discussion at the Tuskegee Conference that took place two weeks prior to the article's publication. Booker T. Washington intended for the Tuskegee conferences to make sure that African Americans were receiving a…

"Pictures of Negro Heroes"
This is an advertisement from the Colored Protective Association, of which R.R. Wright Jr. was president, calling for photographs of "Philadelphia's Colored Heroes," those who died in France or were injured.

The Citizens' and Southern Banking Company
The Citizens' and Southern Banking Company offers "Security! Service! Conservatism! Courtesy!" and is "the backbone of a great institution." This large advertisement for the bank tells the story of R.R. Wright Jr.'s migration North to Philadelphia…
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